The Metaverse

Buroki universe in Web 3.O
The Universe of Avatar Musk Verse is a metaverse within the Web 3.0 that will make you navigate and discover a different world like never before. You will have your own character, which will be unique and available as NFT.
This will be your ticket to discover the fantastic Unknown world. Our team has worked hard to bring realism to our Metaverse.
The potential of the AMV token is huge. In addition to our NFT model, which will make our metaverse even more exclusive, we will have a marketplace to buy your character. These characters will also be NFTs and can only be paid using our native token, the AMV Token, the sale will take place on our Marketplace.
The lands will be divided into 4 regions and will have unique activities and competitions, as well as unique experiences for each region. Only those who have Pure NFTs, that is, NFTs that have never been bribed, will be able to access all zones, otherwise they will have to own land in the region in question to be able to enjoy the region's ecosystem.
Our metaverse is unique and you will definitely want to migrate to our game permanently.

Metaverse 3D technology

When we look at existing metaverses, the vast majority cannot get into something realistic, something that allows us to really immerse ourselves in that experience. With that in mind, our team of experts decided to create an innovative technology that allows you to perform a 3D session without the need for glasses or any other accessory. So all users will have a complete and realistic immersion when entering the game.

Game Regions

The lands will be divided into 4 regions, the tree tribe, the earth tribe, the mountain tribe and the sky tribe.
Each region will have a different price due to its scarcity, so the economic model of our metaverse is advantageous for all investors. In addition, you can rent your land in a simple way. In order for someone to rent one of the lands in our metaverse so that he can explore the magic of this unknown World, he must leave a quantity of AMV tokens in play, in this way the profits generated will be passed on to the owner of the land.
This innovative form of Stake brings more profitability to land holders and tokens.

NFTs and Marketplace

The NFT market is a fast growing market and each NFT will be unique in our metaverse and can be sold or bought on our Marketplace.
The currency of our marketplace will be the AMV token. You will be able to buy your Avatars and also the Sacred Tree Seeds, each seed increases the stake of your tokens and has an expiry date when your time is up. you can exchange it for in-game items or, if you prefer, sell it on the market.
In addition, in our Marketplace you can buy several accessories that will make your Avatar even more powerful for duels.